An Epoch is defined as the time from the end of the last civilisation to the end of the next, each Epoch varies in length but is typically between 1 to 2 million years. The first 1.5 to 1.7 million years after the end of a civilisation is relatively calm and quite as species evolve and grow, where one eventually reaches a primative age and starts building a society and quickly develops over the next 200,000 to 500,000 years to a prospering spieces building off the technology of the last one as they try discover what happend to the former rulers.

However not many make it to a modern or futuristic age, succumming to a variety of natural events such as Global climate event such as but limited to a super volcano, meteor impact, an ice age, heat age, mass flooding, desertification or pandemic. If a natural event is not the cause their downfall may come from a created event such as nuclear or biological warfare, nuclear meltdown, mis-use of terraforming or resource shortage.

Those who manage to survive the perils of the natural and created world all fall to an ancient race of machines that are awoken when a civilisation reaches a certain point in technology and is quickly destroyed by the ancient beings, some do survive but are left with very little and are unable to rebuild from the devastation.

Once civilisation has fallen it marks the end of an epoch and the start of the next. Repeating the cycle.

To see what the grand timeline might look like, see Epoch Generator.

The 102nd Epoch. The Age of Dragons. A large group of Dragons having knowledge of the ancients decided to take action but were ill-prepared falling back into their greedy solitudes, seeking power over all other Dragons, resulting in fragmentation and easy pickings for the Ancients.

The 139th Epoch is the age of the Oradun a goat horned race with thin spaded tails and pointed teeth, although their modern form came through evolution the originator came from experiments of genetically made warriors. The Oradun were skilled in war and magic causing their downfall as they could not unite against a common enemy.

The 140th Epoch is the short lived age of the Avara, a collection of bird like humanoids that succumbed to an ice age early in their civilisation before they were able to develop mass agricultural methods.

The 141st Epoch is the age of Kuahn, a tall and slender race with pointed ears, They were highly inteligent and wise but were slow to adapt to change and as such they were able to lay the foundation of change but left them with no time to enact their plans on a grand scale.

The 142nd Epoch is the age of Humans, evolved from Apes they dexterous and smart, quickly building communities and technology which rapidly increased after finding the ancient technologies.

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