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This is an auto generated table, with modifications for planned Epochs, this is in no way set in stone or accurate, only for fun and give an idea of what the cycle may of been like. To see the math or generate your own see this link.

206 Million years
1Laiampal1.7 MyrWar (Biological)
2Udphan1.5 MyrWar (Magic)
3Khemian1.4 MyrMagic event
4Strulopes1.5 MyrResource Shortage
5Ianac1.2 MyrWar (Nuclear)
6Verurus0.9 MyrFlooding
7Qherepinae1.3 MyrMagic event
8Axeaander1.1 MyrMagic event
9Hallanac2.2 MyrAncient ones
10Shiccuvese1.3 MyrWar (Magic)
11Gniarphan0.9 MyrMeteor
12Stukcon1.8 MyrClimate change
13Eockey1.5 MyrClimate change
14Burus1.5 MyrAncient ones
15Lispir1.4 MyrWar (Nuclear)
16Mesapian1.7 MyrClimate event
17Cuzudillo1.7 MyrAncient ones
18Guthopard1.3 MyrNuclear meltdown
19Drudolopes1.8 MyrWar (Traditional)
20Zosiline1.5 MyrWar (Traditional)
21Ixris1.8 MyrResource Shortage
22Llamtzal1.8 MyrResource Shortage
23Otphan1.6 MyrWar (Magic)
24Nanver1.7 MyrWar (Nuclear)
25Stotrid1.4 MyrResource Shortage
26Bocodian1.7 MyrNuclear meltdown
27Yichoris1.3 MyrClimate event
28Stileobit1.6 MyrAncient ones
29Erserant1.8 MyrClimate change
30Yessonee1.1 MyrIce age
31Oinae1.7 MyrWar (Nuclear)
32Urnee1.2 MyrClimate event
33Dumtan1.4 MyrResource Shortage
34Dilian1.2 MyrAncient ones
35Shulesse1.4 MyrWar (Nuclear)
36Lasunesh1 MyrDesertifcation
37Kumnolies1.7 MyrClimate event
38Geccegian1.7 MyrWar (Nuclear)
39Sozocon1.5 MyrMagic event
40Ossuidae1 MyrPandemic
41Phiaster1.2 MyrClimate change
42Veokte1.8 MyrClimate event
43Gigale1.3 MyrAncient ones
44Gikidae1.2 MyrResource Shortage
45Shocguine1.8 MyrClimate event
46Unkopian1.5 MyrWar (Magic)
47Grucequit0.7 MyrMagic event
48Shozaander1.5 MyrClimate event
49Davedae1.6 MyrAncient ones
50Grirveader1.4 MyrWar (Magic)
51Shocdillo1.2 MyrWar (Nuclear)
52Phomoth1.8 MyrMagic event
53Chaiampal1.9 MyrClimate change
54Volid1.6 MyrWar (Nuclear)
55Wreanbil1 MyrDesertifcation
56Stexopir1.8 MyrWar (Traditional)
57Krocharine1.5 MyrNuclear meltdown
58Wrettaine1.3 MyrResource Shortage
59Rechoret1 MyrHeat age
60Gisenoid1.4 MyrMagic event
61Zocsier1 MyrMeteor
62Caxnee1.1 MyrFlooding
63Khelnan1.9 MyrClimate event
64Gnilae0.7 MyrFlooding
65Stedtzal1.1 MyrDesertifcation
66Ittiris1.7 MyrWar (Traditional)
67Yartanee0.9 MyrVolcano
68Gressairian1.6 MyrWar (Magic)
69Orelies1.5 MyrWar (Traditional)
70Nucalian1.4 MyrClimate event
71Bodnesh1.6 MyrWar (Nuclear)
72Zavian1.3 MyrNuclear meltdown
73Yedillo1 MyrMeteor
74Vomdian1.5 MyrMagic event
75Zetzal1.8 MyrResource Shortage
76Shoviteran1.4 MyrResource Shortage
77Graseono2 MyrWar (Traditional)
78Wrezeatid1.9 MyrMagic event
79Gnaxiaguine1.2 MyrResource Shortage
80Liteorian1.8 MyrWar (Magic)
81Yoxdine1.8 MyrWar (Nuclear)
82Cheno1.4 MyrClimate change
83Seavese1.8 MyrWar (Traditional)
84Zeornan1.6 MyrMagic event
85Chotdine1.5 MyrWar (Nuclear)
86Misader1.7 MyrWar (Biological)
87Krillaipus1.2 MyrWar (Traditional)
88Nilasum1 MyrMeteor
89Yiladillo1.5 MyrWar (Magic)
90Cashosum1.2 MyrClimate event
91Stamvine1.8 MyrClimate event
92Bikrot1.2 MyrWar (Traditional)
93Shokteran0.8 MyrIce age
94Strugian1.1 MyrPandemic
95Strorinae2 MyrResource Shortage
96Wrezeret1.2 MyrWar (Biological)
97Shollago0.9 MyrIce age
98Llirnolese1.6 MyrResource Shortage
99Suxeampal2 MyrWar (Nuclear)
100Shonninsian2.3 MyrAncient ones
101Sholae1.8 MyrResource Shortage
102*Dragon1.2 MyrAncient ones
103Lleote1.7 MyrWar (Magic)
104Stopinae1.5 MyrAncient ones
105Itkey1.1 MyrFlooding
106Ortogale0.6 MyrPandemic
107Oxivine1.8 MyrNuclear meltdown
108Corronsian1 MyrFlooding
109Kosephines1.7 MyrClimate event
110Chesoceous1.1 MyrHeat age
111Ikpian2.2 MyrAncient ones
112Stogther1.7 MyrClimate event
113Evese1.2 MyrWar (Traditional)
114Lialid0.8 MyrPandemic
115Phakpal1 MyrMagic event
116Wreneret1.1 MyrMagic event
117Corrimian1.8 MyrClimate change
118Verriris1.6 MyrResource Shortage
119Necurian1.4 MyrWar (Magic)
120Gushosant1.7 MyrWar (Biological)
121Giron1.7 MyrNuclear meltdown
122Kiquit1.5 MyrWar (Biological)
123Abil1.5 MyrAncient ones
124Strecnac1.2 MyrWar (Magic)
125Bukgian1.8 MyrMagic event
126Bossupir1.6 MyrWar (Magic)
127Litadian1.1 MyrMeteor
128Galleasum1.6 MyrWar (Nuclear)
129Bhonaidae1.6 MyrClimate event
130Qusetid1.8 MyrWar (Nuclear)
131Keoxguine1.3 MyrWar (Biological)
132Ceguar1.2 MyrResource Shortage
133Phairant1.1 MyrDesertifcation
134Ucno1.4 MyrWar (Traditional)
135Qetlies2.2 MyrAncient ones
136Vudiacoon1.3 MyrClimate event
137Chirtobat1.8 MyrResource Shortage
138Gnethopir1.3 MyrWar (Biological)
139*Oradun1.2 MyrWar (Magic)
140*Avara0.9 MyrIce age
141*Kuahn1.9 MyrAncient ones
142*Humans1.7 MyrAlive

*Indicates a manual entry

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