Magic Dictionary

Always start with the school then target(s) followed by any instructions or effects.
Below are some examples of how one might cast a spell but doesn't mean it is the only way to achieve the same goal.

Turning raw stone into a statue would be “ci-uzu-wua-rau”
Broken down: ci(invoke change) uzu(non-organic) wua(make) rau(beauty)

Teleport yourself and others to a location that can be seen “se-gha-dar-baqa”
Broken down: se(evoke sense) gha(we) dar(where) baqa(see)

English Magic Usage
Abjuration se evoke sense
Conjuration ce evoke change
Elemental ni invoke nature
Evocation ne evoke nature
Illusion si invoke sense
Transmutation ci invoke change
English Magic Usage
I a target self
You ru target particular other
He / She fa / ba -
They sha target group ex.self
We gha target group inc.self
Friend jha -
Enemy rha -
Organic solid mir Plants, Animals, raw
Non-Organic uzu Stone, Gem, Metal, made
Gas kar Air, Smoke, Fire
Liquid hau Water, Booze, Lava
English Magic Usage
Yes / No rab / xu
How shud
Which dah
What das
Where dar
Who dau
Why dam
When dan
Are ura
Work dur
Have shu
Give kav
Say bur
Get kar
Make wua
Help pir
Know xud
Take rau
See baqa
Hear sur
English Magic Usage
young rui
old uiq
large pur
small bwu
beauty rau
ugly por
good kuu
bad ruq
strong bra
weak dau
hot fha
cold rux
dry rar
wet ika
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