Life cycle


Biological variation

Sleep and dreaming

Consciousness and thought

Motivation and emotion

Sexuality and love



Tools and technologies

Religion and spirituality

Proto-Human / Kuahn
Pre Caldera Event: The majority of people believed that the Kauhn to be Gods that had once lived on the planet and left gifts to Humans before they ascended. While other non-believers theorised that these 'Gods' were the ones that evolved to humans and are commonly referred to as Proto-Humans.

Post Caldera Event: After Humans met their first Kauhn many still hold them to God like status, believing that they have returned to save the world. While others hear their warning of ancient ones as the true Gods, smiting civilizations that do not fit their ideals and that is why the Kauhn were destroyed. While those who took side of Proto-Humans take the Kauhn for their word, learning and taking advice from the previous leaders of the world.

Ritual vs Spontaneity
There are very few rituals within Human religions and spirituality, mainly focusing around spontaneous events and gatherings. Celebrating life, death and everything in between in very festive and upbeat manners.




8 Months/year (4 seasons split into wax and wane)
6 Weeks/month (36 days per month, 48 weeks per year)
6 Days/week (4 work + 2 rest)(288 days per year)
Each day has 15 hours of daylight, and 15 of night.

Dates are read as “Week Day of Month, Year” eg. “3rd Foreday of Seedwane, 1600”
Short hand would read “Week-Day/Month/Year” eg. “3-1/2/1600”

Months of the year

  1. Raindown
  2. Seedwane
  3. Sunmoot
  4. Highsun
  5. Harvest
  6. Reapwant
  7. Frostmoot
  8. Deepsnow
Example Month
- Ustriday Foreday Avenday Kelday Elday Resday
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6



Government and politics

Trade and economics


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