142nd Epoch

By the 142nd Epoch there are 12 remaining Kuahn in the world, below is an overview of their current condition. In order of being awoken, if at all.

Awoken Name Occupation Status Notes Physical
1st Mosiaraus Biologist Alive Escaped capture by Kingdom and living in wilds Male, 38
2nd Thimelaus Arcanist Alive With the Empire Male, 33
2nd Orethesis Architect Dead Died to stasis sickness Female, 26
2nd Amycys Technician In Stasis Put back in stasis after stasis sickness and attack Male, 28
2nd Messea Historian Alive With the Empire Female, 39
2nd Lichus Linguist Alive Being held prisoner and being tested on by Kingdom Male, 43
2nd Tylissax Geologist Dead Died to stasis sickness Male, 51
2nd Syrenis Doctor Alive With the Empire Female, 35
- Erasis Doctor In Stasis - Male, 42
- Adrasessei Technician In Stasis - Female, 48
- Naphoph Botanist In Stasis - Male, 25
- Iselsa Arcanist In Stasis - Female, 33



Life cycle


Biological variation

Sleep and dreaming

Consciousness and thought

Motivation and emotion

Sexuality and love



Tools and technologies

Religion and spirituality

Very few Kuahn believe in Gods or higher beings, the majority of peoples preferring internal reflection and forming bonds between those close to them. Life events are often followed by times of introspection, for example a birthday for a Kuahn takes place over a week, were they spend time with family and friends, reminiscing the past and contemplating the future.





Government and politics

Trade and economics


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